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How to Double Your Money in 6 years!

How to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in 6 Years with the right Investment Property

1.) Purchase an Investment Property for $2,000,000

2.) Get a second home Mortgage Loan for 4.6% with 30% down or $600,000

3.) Your Gross rental Income should be at Least 8% of purchase price or $160,000. This should generate about $36,000 positive cash flow a year. Six years x $36,000 = $216,000

4.) Look for a property that has the best chance to appreciate at least 3%. Should be fairly new in a good location and well appointed.  Three percent appreciation for 5 years will generate $388,000 in additional equity. The beauty of using bank money is to leverage the $2,000,000 for appreciation. If left in bank you would only earn 1% appreciation on $600,000

5.) In 6 Years total cash accumulated would be $388,000 plus 216,000 or $604,000.You just doubled your money.

The key is the Right Investment Property It is all about the numbers.

Call John or Roxanne to show you our top 20!

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